Cameron ZK6 chemical filter

Cameron ZK6 chemical filter is a new, patented air filtration media specifically designed to oxidize gaseous pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, ethylene and mercaptans.
This unique media is ideally suited for corrosion control and protection of electronic process controls in industrial environments; odor abatement is sewerage treatment facilities and odor control in public buildings. It provides superb protection of perishable commodities in the fresh food industry.
ZK6 is made from a unique aluminosilicate compound possessing significant molecular sieve sorption capacity and is impregnated with 6% potassium permanganate.

The filter casing is made from stove-enamelled sheet steel, with activated carbon filter panels arranged in wedge shape. The activated carbon filter panels slide into U-channels in the casing and are sealed by a face plate with quick release fasteners. The filter panels can be changed from either side depending on the installation position.
The ZK6 filter panels are manufactured from galvanised steel frames and perforated galvanised sheet metal screens . The ZK6 is firmly packed into the filter panels so as to avoid splitting of the ZK6 layer. 

Filter units are available in two standard sizes :
610 x 660 mm, depth 478 mm, with 50 mm pre-filter channel and 8 activated carbon filter panels for air flow up to 475 l/s (1700 m3/h)
610 x 660 mm, depth 778 mm, with 50 mm pre-filter channel and 10 activated carbon filter panels for air flow up to 950 l/s (3400 m3/h).

Other size are available on request.




ZK6 filtration media form :
Cylinder-shaped granules 4 mm diameter, approx. 2 to 5 mm long.

Service life :
Between 1 / 2 and 2 years, depending on the type of installation and concentration of the contamination to be absorbed.
The contact time of the air in the ZK6 layer amounts to approx. 0,1 second.
With the application of ZK6 filters, we recommend efficient pre-filtration e.g. 50 mm thick aluminium filter, so as not to impair the service life and efficiency of the ZK6.

ZK6 Chemical filter - Type BZK6F 400 BZK6F 401
Air volume in l/s 950 475
Air volume in m3/h 3400 1700
Pressure differential in Pa 115 40
Casing dimensions in mm 610x660 x748 610x660x475
Cell dimensions in mm 600x600x25 600x300x25
Activated carbon quantity per unit in l 82 31
Number of cells per unit


10 8
Weight in Kg 120 62


The chart below illustrates the ZK6 efficiency when challenged with 50 ppm of hydrogen sulfide.

The media lasted in excess of 1300 hours before being expended. 

ZK 6 Physical Properties

Bulk density, LBS / CU. Feet

average 60

Pore Size, Angstroms


Pore Volume


Hardness, MOHS Scale


KMnO4, Percent by Weight


Specific Surface Area, SQ. YDs. /OZ.






BZK6F 400

610 x 660 x 748

BZK6F 401

610 x 660 x 475


ZK6P 600

600 x 600 x 25

ZK6P 601

600 x 300 x 25

Order sample

BZK6F 400 / ZK6P 600

Casing with cell

BZK6F 400

Casing only

ZK6P 600

Cell only